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Written by Ken Quigley
March 02 2024

After many months of development, we are delighted to announce the new Keystroke Contact Manager (KCM) is finally here. Built on the Handheld Contact API foundation, KCM is a lightweight Windows client designed for desktop use. It allows Act! Premium Cloud users to work offline at their convenience, with the Keystroke Account Manager syncing Contact, Calendar, Opportunity details, and Notes & Histories to and from their cloud database. Think of it like a mobile app for the desktop.

Screenshot 2023 12 20 053145

With Keystroke Contact Manager, users can:

  • Quickly and easily look up one or more contacts by search field or keywords, and convert those lookups into a saved “list”.
  • Customize columns in list view, and filter lookups by column headers. These list view column filters work with Contacts, Task List, Opportunities, and Groups.
  • Read and add notes and history to any Contact or Opportunity.
  • Segment Contacts into groups or lists.
  • Schedule appointments for one or more contacts with ease, and clear completed activities.
  • View and manage five different calendar types and a task list.
  • Manage sales pipeline effectively, with filterable columns in list view.
  • Email one or more contacts while recording History to the database.
  • Batch edit contacts by scheduling them all for an activity, adding them to Favourites or to a Group, edit contact access, write an email, delete, or even add them to a “list”.
  • And much more.
 Contact List view with Filterable columns

Choose from five different calendar views 

Task list with filterable column headers 
Screenshot 2023 12 20 060014 Screenshot 2023 12 20 055909 Screenshot 2023 12 20 055827
Contact Details Screen Activity Detail Screen Sync Panel



Sounds great, but what does it cost?
KCM is a continually evolving product, and will be available free of charge to all our Orange Care customers using Act! Premium Cloud. As the world’s #1 Act! reseller, we are committed to our customer’s success with Act!.  We plan to continue investing in KCM beyond its Marc 2024 release, adding and improving features. Our internal testing has shown that updating KCM is a breeze, with the average process taking just one to two minutes.

Beyond continued investment, we plan to keep KCM free to our Orange Care customers indefinitely because we believe customers with a support plan in place have the best CRM experience. Customers without Orange Care can subscribe to KCM for only $36/year ($3/month, billed annually). Purchase link below.

It’s important to note, though, that the Keystroke Contact Manager is not Act!, and those seeking the full power and features of this time-tested desktop product should invest accordingly. That said, we believe KCM fills a much-needed gap with APC users, and will meet the needs of many customers looking to save money with Act! online, while still retaining the flexibility of an on-premise product.

To start your two-week free trial, click the button below. You will need to know your Act! login credentials, your database name, Web API address, and have Web API permission assigned to your Act! user account.


Free Trial Button1

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