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Scrub your email list with

The simple online solution for improved email deliverabily


Act! estimates that the average distribution list suffers 25% decay each year.
Fight list decay with Link2list.

Link2list stands out as the sole email list verification service that operates within Act!, boasting a user-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels. By integrating with Act! through the Web API, Link2list simplifies the process of list cleaning, efficiently updating 1-3 contacts per second with a deliverability rating to ensure the safety of your email communications.


Email list hygiene doesn't have to be hard, but it has to be done

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) offers a robust and economical solution for generating fresh leads. To fully leverage AMA, it’s crucial to have a current, clean, and actionable database.

Consider this not just as sound advice but as a warning. Utilizing outdated or uncleaned data with AMA can diminish the impact of your marketing efforts in the short run and may have adverse long-term effects on your business. Sending emails to a disengaged or risky audience can harm your sender reputation, leading to decreased email deliverability and an increased bounce rate. A high bounce rate can put your AMA account at risk, with persistent rates above 5% potentially resulting in suspension or even cancellation without a refund.

bathtub validityGiven the clear advantages of a pristine distribution list and the severe consequences of neglecting list hygiene, one might wonder why it isn’t a universal practice. The answer is simple: it requires significant effort. However, Link2list changes that.

Link2list, a component of the Linktivity Suite, is an efficient email scrubbing service that’s as straightforward to use as it is potent. It enables Act! users to swiftly verify their email addresses within Act!, updating each record with a deliverability score. Users simply select a target group, initiate the process, and Link2list verifies 1-3 contacts per second until completion.

The simplicity of Link2list is its hallmark.

Link2list offers two service tiers. The first tier utilizes our native email verification system, while the second integrates with, a leader in email validation. Both options operate at comparable speeds and offer similar accuracy levels, within 7% of each other. The choice is yours, and both options require no manual data entry within Act!.

Six reasons to start using Link2list?

  1. Build and maintain a clean and actionable database by preventing bad data from entering your system.
  2. Reach and engage more people by reducing your bounce rate and protecting your sender reputation.
  3. Reduce email marketing costs by only paying for valid recipients.
  4. Communicate more effectively and focus your sales, marketing, and customer service efforts on real opportunities and customers.
  5. Safeguard your Act! Marketing Automation account, while getting the highest returns from your AMA investment.
  6. Save time & effort! Link2list validates 1-3 contact records per second, helping you focus your marketing efforts on viable leads, while easily blacklisting the dubious records

The magic is in the math
In fact, we're so confident Link2list will work for Act! users, we're providing the first 500 record validations* at no extra charge. After that, charges range from $0.003 to $0.01 per record, depending on which service you use. That means for as little as $50, Link2list will scan 10,000 contact records inside your Act! database in less than an hour!

Verification Blocks

First 500 Scans


Blocks of 1,000


Blocks of 5,000


Blocks of 25,000



After the first 500 contact records are scanned, users must purchase additional verification blocks to continue scrubbing their contact list. Scan blocks carry forward with on-time renewal, but expire when subscription lapses. Each renewal will include a free block of 500 scans. Scans that return an "error" are not deducted from your balance. 


System Requirements & Subscription Terms

  • A current Act! subscription (Act! v18 or higher)
  • Act! security role of "Standard" or higher, with WebAPI permissions assigned
  • Act! Premium Cloud or Act! Premium with a WebAPI URL, or locally install Act! Connect Link
  • Act! WebAPI v1.0.409.0 or K-API
  • All prices listed are in USD, and billed per user/per database

Link2list's Time Saving Features

Simple Steps to Good List Hygiene

Works with groups in your database

Target the contact's whose emails you wish to validate by creating either static or dynamically populated group in Act!, and Link2list will only check those contact's email address. This could be your master marketing group from which all your small marketing groups are comprised.

Updates the email status field

Link2list creates the required field in your Act! database, and then indicates whether that contact's email address is valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown.

Run Link2list from anywhere

Link2list is an online service, meaning you can run it from anywhere - including tablets and Mac's. No need to have Act! installed, Link2list uses the WebAPI to connect to your database from anywhere.

Run Link2list on multiple groups

Link2list can be configured to run against as many groups as you wish, each with their own schedule. Configure Link2list based on what makes sense for your unique database.

Your choice of email verification

Link2list offers two types of email verification - our native service and one that integrates with Both authenticate the email addresses in your list at similar speed and accuracy, but the native service requires little or no setup (Email verification fees are sold separately).

Schedule your List Scans

Configure Link2list can be configured to run a scan on  a designated group on an automated basis each day, week, or month. You can even exclude contacts that have been previously scanned to save costs.

No software to install

Link2list is an online service, meaning there is no software to install.

Rinse & Repeat

Keep your email list current & accurate by running regular scans. Over time existing contact's email addresses become invalid, and new contact's will be added, so it's important to run Link2list regularly to maintain good list hygiene.

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Link2list FAQ's

What kind of API Key do I need to get from BriteVerify to work with Link2list?

Real-time Email Verification API: The single-verification API is ideal for integrating point-of-capture data verification into your own applications. This transactional email verification API should be used in response to an action, like a form submission or button click. It should NOT be used for verifying emails in an existing list or database one-by-one. So for that purpose, you may utilize the Bulk API.

Please note that our native email verification system introduced in late November 2023 does not require a BriteVerify API key.

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Learn about Link2List

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Don't leave your e-marketing success to chance.
Optimize your email deliverability with Link2list


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