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Database Repair Services

Call the people the experts call to fix damaged databases
A damaged database can leave you either locked out, or unable to trust the data your business relies on. Don't despair, the experts at have years of experience in repairing or rebuilding broken  Act!databases, often for cheaper and faster than you'd think. 

Bad things can happen to good data

While rare, bad things can happen to good data, leaving you with an Act! database that you either can't open or can't trust. When this happens, your choices are simple - restore, repair, or replace. If a reliable backup is not available, your choices are to either repair or replace your database. In these instances, your next call has to be your last, and that is to the database experts at Keystroke. 

Sending your database elsewhere could leave it less repairable, cause needless delays in recovery, and ultimately make the restoration much more difficult and costly when it does finally get to us. 

Database Repair Scenarios
(from most to least common)

Click here to book a<br>DB Repair Scoping

Click here to book a
DB Repair Scoping

Bad Meta Data (sync related)

Problem: Broken sync creating bad metadata entries - often manifests as an inability to rebuild OLEDB objects, inability to backup the database, or inability to create new records. Database usually still opens.
Prognosis: Relatively common scenario that is usually fixable in a 2 - 8 hours.

Bad Meta Data (not sync related)

Problem: Bad Metadata (not sync related) - usually caused by either a DB schema update script having an error and not completing correctly or an in-house SQL person who is unfamiliar with Act! databases attempting to make changes. A DB will usually still open, and often mostly functions except one or two things that won't work.
Prognosis: Somewhat common, and usually fixable in 8 - 24 hours.

Invalid Data

Problem: Invalid Data - usually things like an Activity with an End Date/Time before the Start Date/Time or a Record Manager/Create User/Edit User that doesn't exist. The database will usually still open and work normally, although commonly one particular user will experience issues. Attempting to interact with the specific record(s) that are damaged may cause Act! to crash.
Prognosis: When the damaged records are known, relatively straightforward to fix. If they are unknown, a lot of research goes into finding the records needing to be fixed. Uncommon, and normally requires 2 - 40 hours to fix.

Torn SQL Page

Problem: Torn SQL Page - Database shows as "in recovery" in ACTDiag, can't open it in Act!. Usually caused by a power failure/system lockup where SQL couldn't finish writing something to the database.
Prognosis: Depending on how busy the database was when the event happened, can be anywhere from just one page that needs to be relinked to a large number of unlinked or mislinked pages. Impossible to know how many, as you have to fix broken page A in order to find out if there is a broken page B. Uncommon but not rare. 2 - 80 hours to fix.

Widespread Data Corruption

Problem: Widespread DB Corruption - Database may show "in recovery" or "emergency" in ACTDiag. Can't open in Act!.
Prognosis: Usually caused by a hardware failure of some sort - crashed hard drive, storing DB on a RAID array with bad drives, etc. DB can't be "fixed" per se, but we can extract as much data as possible and reassemble into a new Act! database. Usually significant data loss. Extremely rare. 24 - 80 hours to fix, depending on DB size, amount of customizations, pattern of corruption, and record types desired to be recovered.

Trust the experts other experts turn to

Keystroke has the best people working with Act! - bar none. Nobody has as much experience with Act! as we do - and that includes our Database Services team. If your database is refusing to open in Act! our Database Services team has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to investigate the issue, find out what the problem is, and wherever possible, fix it. 
Sometimes, however, the database simply can't be fixed, but even in these cases we can often extract as much data as possible from your broken database and put it into a new Act! database for you.

Whatever scenario is yours, know that with Keystroke, you are in good hands.

Who we are?

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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