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dataBoss - The only Import, Export, Merge & Migration tool you need for Act!

Many customers have database management needs that far exceed the capabilities of the native importing and exporting features of Act!, which is normally limited to importing/exporting the contact table only. DataBoss works with all the tables, including custom tables, and therefore is an essential tool for database migrations, merging, importing, exporting,  repairs, and even schema rollbacks. Databoss is the one tool you need for professionally manage your data from and to Act! CRM. From the makers of "MigrateAdmin", the worlds only solution for migrating Goldmine data to Act!.


Quick Feature Breakdown

Export ALL your data to CSV's

Export all your data from Act! to CSV files for importing into another CRM program. DataBoss will export all the tables as separate CSV files, so that your activities, notes, histories, opportunities, company and contact field data can be migrated safely, quickly, and completely.

  • Exports each table to a separate CSV file
  • Includes display names rather than column names
  • All fields exported, including linking ID fields (contactID, CompanyID, Etc.)
  • Includes Activity, History, and Note linking table.
  • Easy to use

By itself Act! can only export field data from the Contact table, leaving a lot of vital historical data behind. DataBoss eliminates the need for this compromise as you start your new CRM with the same data as your old one.

Migrating Data

Sometimes the easiest way to repair or clean a database is to export the data as CSV's (described above), and then import that data into a clean new database. You'll end up with a fresh database with all the data from the old database, and none of the mess. A perfect tool for database repair or refreshing, and dataBoss does it all. Also the only way to roll a database back to an older schema format.
Migration is easy, as it only takes three steps.

  1. Export data form the source database to CSV's
  2. Create New blank database in Act!
  3. Import CSV's into new blank database. All fields, layouts, templates, reports, and field data from all tables come over.

Importing data into Act!

  • With a plethora of options for data sources, linking methods, de-dupe settings, and the exclusive pre-import report, you’ll never be stuck unable to bring data into Act!. Import into the Contact, Company, Opportunity, Groups, and even Secondary Contact Tables, while bringing in picklists and more.
    • Import from CSV, Excel, and Act! Databases.
    • Creates new fields from source
    • Specify fields for linking to a record on import
    • Set limited access to Record Manager
    • Apply Proper case to text
    • Strip RTF, HTML, or XML from Notes and Histories on import
    • Choice to Replace, update blank, update existing, append, or insert field data on import

Merging Data

Ever have an orphaned RDB that you need to merge back into the production database? Well DataBoss can merge one or more of those orphans into one surviving database to ensure you capture all updates from their users, without duplicating data in any of the tables.

Export & Import Custom Table data

If you're using custom tables with Act!, you know how much data get's inputting into them. Custom tables manage transaction data, and therefore often have much more data than contact fields, which makes safeguarding this data during exporting & importing all the more important. Rest easy, DataBoss handles custom tables like a boss!

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Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed is in USD

  • Compatible with Act! v16 or higher (sold separately)

  • Custom Tables included with Tables4Act! or Act! Premium Plus are sold separately

  • Keystroke recommends doing back-ups in advance of any major exporting, importing, migrating, or merging work.

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