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Act4mail Outlook Integration

The Act!-Outlook integration more Act! Cloud users rely on

Act! customers demand reliable Outlook integration, but are often frustrated with the limits of the native tools in Act!, and more so when it comes to Act! Premium Cloud. Thankfully, Keystroke developed Act4mail, the successor to Act4outlook (the #1 selling Act! add-on of all time) which makes Outlook integration with hosted databases a snap. Enjoy unmatched integration between Act! and both 32 & 64-bit versions of MS Office with leading productivity features.


Features of Act4mail

Understand the industry leading features that makes Act4mail the most trusted Outlook integration add-on for Act! Cloud amongst Act! Consultants. 

Send an email from Outlook, and it will be automatically attached to the matching record in Act! within a second. Act4outlook supports this feature even with Act! closed, and Act4mail doesn't even require Act! to be installed.
Send Outlook contacts to Act! by simply right-clicking one or more contacts from your address book, and select "Send to Act!". Perfect when contacts are added to Outlook from sources like business card scanners or vcards.
Send one or more tasks to Act! from your Outlook To-Do list that you create from either Outlook or your mobile device. IOS users can type countless reminders into their mobile devices, and then send them all to Act! with a couple of clicks of their mouse. 
Act4mail now includes MailMerge4act for robust mail merge functionality to both print & Email. Our powerful design tools and deliverability features allow you to create beautiful templates, and then merge them into personalized emails that bypass Outlook for greater reliability & speed.

Much like the Contact sync described above, the user can sync activities automatically and leave the rest for manual pushes. We expect this feature to be great for people who create appointments or accept invites on their phones, or those who need their personal calendar to reflect their Act! calendar, as well. To avoid duplicates, recurring activities are not synced, but can be pushed manually as one-offs, and then configured as recurring in the destination app. .

Act4Outlook can automatically record and link all incoming messages to the Act database as long as a Contact with the sender's email address is found in the database. Users can also enter one or more domain names to ignore so that any emails sent from those domains are not attached to the database.
Two-way contact syncing

The user now can choose one or two-way Contact syncing between Act! to Outlook , and this new version will implement these syncs on a scheduled basis (as frequently as every 5-minutes). Unlike Act!, our add-on has the ability to push one or more contacts manually in either direction, so a user simply sets the sync preferences on a schedule, and they can easily push them manually.

Link your email to additional Contacts, Companies, Groups, or Opportunities on the fly, so the History can be attached to more than just the email recipient.
Keep your Act! & Outlook calendars aligned! Send one or more activities to Act! from your Outlook calendar, or conversely, send activities in Act! to Outlook. Perfect for those invites that never make it to Act!, or appointments you create in one calendar, but not the other. Handy when using Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to create appointments, that can easily be transferred to Act!.


Act4Outlook reduces duplication by keeping track of previously imported activities. If an activity is updated in Outlook with new data, simply re-send the activity to Act which will update the previously imported Act activity.

Feature Comparison Chart

Contrast & compare Act4outlook and Act4mail features to decide which product is right for you.
(Click the plus sign at the beginning of each row below to expand the categories to see more details)
Licensing Duration
Licensed Per (user or activation/workstation)
Outlook integration based on (SDK or Web API)
Act! compatibility (click to expand)
Act! Pro
Act! Premium Windows (perpetual)
Act! Premium Web (perpetual)
Act! Premium Windows (Subscription)
Act! Premium Web (subscription)
MS Office compatibility (click to expand)
Outlook 32-bit (installed or CTR)
Outlook 64-bit (installed or CTR) (browser based)
Features (click to expand)
Incoming & Outgoing History Recording
Copy Contacts & Activities to and from Act!
Contact Lookup(s) from Emails
Create Contacts & Activities from Emails
Copy one or more Contacts from Outlook to Act!
Copy one or more Activities from Outlook to Act!
Copy one or more Activities from Act! to Outlook
Copy Tasks in Outlook to Act!
Exclude select domains from History Recording
Display in Outlook which emails have been attached
Link email to Contacts, Companies, Groups, & Opportunities
Configure how History is recorded in Act!
Bypass HIstory recording on the fly
Two-way Contact & Calendar Syncing
Attach emails to History when sent from outside Outlook
Mail Merging to MS Word
Mail Merging to Email
Mail Merge Deliverability Controls
Mail Merge History Recording
= Included
= Not Included
= Partial

Act4mail Overview

Act4mail Picture Tour

Click on the thumbnails below to see snippits of these two program's  features & configurable settings

Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed is in USD
  • Licensing is based on per installation (activation). One per system.
  • Act4mail supports Cloud hosted versions of Act! provided an active Act! subscription is in place and the user has "Web API" permissions assigned.
  • Act4mail supports both 32 & 64-bit versions of Office 2013 or higher
  • Act4mail is ideal for Act! Premium Cloud or hosted databases.

PRICE: $35.95*

* Act4mail is an annual subscription

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