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Obsolescence Policy

Swiftpage's Upgrade Pricing/Obsolescence Policy is intended to define the Act! products that are eligible for upgrade pricing. Traditionally, this policy has been determined by the current release and, in most cases, two prior releases of an Act! product. If you're using a version of Act! older than that, you are likely not eligible for support, license availability, or upgrade or "Loyalty" pricing and will instead need to subscribe to Act! at normal pricing. As Swiftpage transitioned Act! into a subscription service in 2015, the issue of upgrade pricing became less relevant to the Premium product line, and more a Pro product consideration only.

  • Act! Pro & Premium v25 (Supported through 7/31/25)
  • Act! Pro & Premium v24 (Supported through 7/31/24)
  • Act! Premium v23 (Supported through 07/31/23)
  • Act! Growth Suite v22 (Supported through 3/31/22)
  • Act! Pro v22 (Supported through 11/30/21)
  • Act! Growth Suite v21, Act! CRM v21, Act! Pro v21 (Supported through 6/30/21)
  • Act! v20 products (Supported through 11/30/20)
  • Act! v19 products (Supported ended on 11/30/19)
  • Act! v18 products (Supported ended on 11/30/18)
  • All prior products are both obsolete and can no longer be registered due to a discontinued licensing service
Please note Keystroke cannot guarantee the current state of your product's obsolescence status, or any updates to Swiftpage's Obsolscence Policy. For current information on their Act! obsolescence policy, please click HERE.

Act! Support Obsolescence Policy

Swiftpage's Support Obsolescence Policy is to support the current release and, in most cases, two prior releases of a product. Customers with an active support plan that are using an obsolete product will receive support through the expiration of the existing support plan. You're not able to renew your support contract unless you upgrade to a supported version of Act!. If you upgrade prior to the expiration of your support plan, your plan will be transferred to the new product and remain valid until the plan expires.

For access to Swiftpage support, you must have a current support plan, call 866-873-2006, and have their account number ready.

Customers using unsupported products are encouraged to upgrade to Act! Pro or Act! Premium and purchase a support plan. To upgrade, call 800-857-0558. For more information on Swiftpage support plans, please click HERE, and for Keystroke support plans, click HERE

You may also visit the Act! Knowledgebase and Act! Online Community to browse for answers, post questions, discuss ideas, and share information about Act!.

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