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OrangeCare Support Plans

The peace-of-mind technical support

In April 2014 Keystroke launched our "Annual Support Plans" (ASP) for customers looking for ongoing Act! support with greater cost certainty than they'd have with the traditional "pay as you play" service. 
In 2016 these annual support plans evolved into what we now call "Orange Care", which represents a better value for the customers, and whose pricing is more in line with their needs.

These programs have been a great success, and we think this is partly due the expansion and upgrading of our support team. We have also added so many perks to the Orange Care program the last few years we thought it would be useful to provide an update on the contents of the support packages available.

OrangeCare Support Plans

most popular


$10.00per month/per user
(billed annually)

One year of Level 1 & 2 phone (up to 30 minutes per subscriber/per day), including our success commitment for upgrades & setup, 3rd party add-on support, as well as unlimited email assistance.

most popular


Support Included: 

  • Phone or email help with troubleshooting error messages occurring with installation, upgrades, application configuration, basic usability and basic functionality.
  • 3rd party add-on support for over 100 applications including Handheld Contact
  • Ideal for small projects
  • Includes subscription to Keystroke Contact Manager


$15.00per month/per user
(billed annually)

Same support coverage as our regular Orange Care plans, PLUS one-hour of our regular VIP support per user, per year. Perfect for customization and project work.


Same benefits of Orange Care; plus: 

  • One hour of VIP support (inclusive of consulting, customization, and project work) per user, per year. Limited to level 1 & 2 support. Level 3 support (inclusive of training, programming, and AMA or advanced support) requires a VIP Diamond.
  • Ideal for project work, importing, exporting, customization, and the like
  • VIP can be used for remote training at 1.5x the normal rate
Orange Care Support Plan Details
  • user totals are calculated by the number of Act! licenses for the account (named users)
  • additional Act! licenses purchased mid-term will require an Orange Care top up that is prorated to end of the license Orange Care subscription term.
  • OrangeCare subscriptions can be added to an existing Act! subscription, but the first year's Orange Care term cannot be less than one-year. At time of Act! renewal, a prorated Orange care charge can be applied to align with either your Act! subscription or hosting contract.
  • With $120 MobileCare included at no extra charge, this is a value no Act! team can do without.
  • Buy any of our Keystroke add-ons, and your Orange Care membership covers the installation and setup.
  • Includes an activation of Keystroke Contact Manager for each user (an $36 annual value) covered by the Orange Care Support plan
  • Orange Care Plus includes one hour of VIP time per user, per year.
  • For new customers we'll Import service a spreadsheet of Contact data to get them started on a new database. This service shall not exceed 45-minutes, and must only use flat spreadsheets (single sheets with rows & columns, and no join links with other sheets).
Support Plan Comparison Chart
Click the "+" to expand each feature to see additional details
Support Features






1 support icons Support Time

email only
30m/day/ user
30m/day/ user
VIP support plans have a fixed time limit per year, with a purchase limit of one per year. Regular VIP and Diamond VIP are NOT mutually exclusive as you can buy one of each in a single year since they involve different levels of service. OrangeCare limits are fixed at 30-minutes per day multiplied by the number of subscribers. Usage beyond the daily limit would either be billable or deducted from an existing VIP

1 support icons Email & Web Chat

Use our online webchat service for faster responses to quick questions. Service is monitored from 9AM-7PM EST, and is not intended for advanced troubleshooting

1 support icons Support Level

Level 2 service involves standard break/fix service within the Act! application itself. Level 3 generally involves programming, scripting, more advanced service work, and general business consulting

1 support icons 10x5 Phone Support

Keystroke telephone support service is available from 9am - 7pm EST Monday through Friday

1 support icons Appointment Setting

Appointments can be scheduled for a specific time, date, and technician for support plan subscribers. Ad hoc scheduling is also available

1 support icons FREE PASSWORD RESET

Locked yourself out of your database? Keystroke literally wrote the password reset tools and susbcribers are entitled to free password resets as needed. Must be requested or approved by the account administrator. VIP subscribers get this service at no extra cost, but the time involved is deducted from their hour bank.

1 support icons Remote Assistance

Remote Setup Assistance
Remote Add-on Assistance
Remote Break/Fix Assistance

1 support icons Remote Training

Remote Act! training is available for up to four students (video recording not available). Classroom training is a separate charge.

1 support icons Programming & Development

Keystroke has a team of developers that can do general scripting, create DLL's, or develop SDK or WebAPI based addons. Source code & exclusivity are available at an extra fee

1 support icons Customization

Customization can range from designing a database, layout, importing, or implementing add-ons as needed

1 support icons Project Work

Project work generally involves a longer term scope of work that incorporates several stages of deployment, customization, training, and/or development. This can involve one or more consultants, and often involves an initial scoping fee to define the project

1 support icons KnowledgeBase

1 support icons Contract Term

1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
1 Year

1 support icons AMA Support & Optimization

1 support icons Auto-Renewal

Only OrangeCare is auto-renewed, but the customer always has the option to decline. We invoice one-month in advance to ensure customers have an opportunity to decide before their renewal date. We keep detailed records of support utilization for all our plans so customers can make an informed decision of their value

With VIP's, we contact the customer multiple times in advance of their renewal to give them the opportunity to renew on time, and both save 10% and carry-over any unused time

1 support icons KCM Included

Orange Care includes a subscription of Tables4Act! for each user covered by the support plan.

1 support icons Eligible Customers

Pro customers are eligible to purchase Orange care "Starter" on their first term, and renew regular Orange Care before the Starter plan expires.
Act! Pro Customers
Act! Premium (perp & sub)

1 support icons Annual Cost

included with Act! subscription
= Included
= Not Included
= Partially Included

OrangeCare Support Benefits include:

  • 12 months of unlimited Level 1&2 phone and email support (up to 30 minutes per subscriber/per day). Support is defined as phone or email help with troubleshooting error messages occurring with installation, upgrades, application configuration, basic usability, and basic functionality. 
  • Keystroke boasts the biggest and best Act! support team in the industry, with coast-to-coast support that is available from 9 AM - 8PM EST Monday through Friday. Due to our offices being located in both Canada and the United States, we're frequently open when one of the two countries is celebrating a national holiday.
  • All phone calls are toll-free across North America by dialing 1-833-ACT-BOLD or 1-800-857-0558.
  • Unlike with Swiftpage Support, OrangeCare includes setup and support of our Actcessories (including HHC, Act4, 4Act!, Knowtifier, and any other add-ons we make or support), as well, ensuring your entire Act! eco-system is covered. 
  • OrangeCare includes Level 1 & 2 Technical Support
  • Keystroke employs Act4support to ensure our customers receive the fastest, most accountable support experience available

Orange Care includes Keystroke Account Manager (a $36 value) free of charge

Orange Care is unquestionably a good value for Keystroke customers, but in 2024 we added our new Keystroke Account Manager free of charge to this support plan.
That's right, the Keystroke Account Manager (a $36 value) is now included free of charge with our $120 Orange care support plan - making this choice a no-brainer.

Orange Care includes Link2forms Lite (a $96 value) free of charge

In 2024, we also added Link2forms Lite (a $96 value) as free perk to our $120 Orange care support plan. Link2forms Lite is similar to Link2forms, except that you're limited to one form and it only  uses contact fields, not questions. This service is perfect for Contact Us forms or Quote Request pages as it automatically adds the contatc to your database, organizes these leads into a common group, and then alerts you of each submission by email.

OrangeCare covers Handheld Contact support too

MobileCare for Handheld Contact costs $120/account/year, but with OrangeCare Premium Support you get MobileCare for HHC at no extra cost. As Keystroke owns Handheld Contact, all the premium technical support staff at HHC are also available for Keystroke customers, so you get two support plans for the price of one.
Additionally, all our certified Act! Consultants receive extra HHC training to support our regular Act! customers looking to complete their CRM experience with the best mobile solution for Act! on the market - Handheld Contact.

Swiftpage vs Keystroke Support plans

If you currently subscribe to a Swiftpage support plan, and would like to understand the difference between their plan and ours, please click HERE
For more information on our VIP Plans, Prepaid blocks of hours, and our other Annual Support Plans, please click HERE.


Renew your Support Plan online & save 10%!

Our exclusive online support plan renew form allows our customers to renew on-time & save. Simply click HERE and apply your contract key, and our system will immediately display your contract details, and what renewal rate your eligible for. If you renew before your renewal date, you save 10% on your whole plan. The best part is your renewal updates your contract in our system immediately, and you can use it right away.

Orange Care also includes the following benefits:

  • Free Upgrades for perpetual Keystroke software when new versions released
  • 10% discounts on all Keystroke software
  • 10% discounts on all service rates (including database repair & conversions, project scoping, template & web design, etc., but excluding Orange Care & VIP.
For more information on our different support plans, please click HERE.

The Fine Print

  • OrangeCare Renewal Invoice: Renewal invoices that are renewed "on-time" using our online renewal tool will automatically receive a 10% discount. Renewals that are processed less than 30-days late for any reason will be prorated at full rate without abatement. Renewals processed more than 30-days are considered a new contract, and would be renewed for a full-year at full-rate with no no fee abatement. 
    Orange Care Plus "VIP time" must be consumed in that contract year. Unused time will not be carried over under any circumstances.
  • Original Installation & Setup: Orange Care subscribers can rest easy in that their original deployment or upgrade of Act! with us is completely covered by their Orange Care Support Plan, regardless of any daily overages required. Subsequent moves, adds, or changes to their setup, including future Act! upgrades, are subject to the daily limits of their specific Orange Care support plan.
  • Upgrade Assurance: All perpetual license software must be purchased during the term of a customer's Orange Care subscription to be eligible for free upgrades later. Moreover,  the customer's Orange Care and Act! Subscriptions must remain active and uninterrupted between the original product purchase and the release of the newer version to be eligible for free upgrades of those products.
  • Proration: The first year's Orange Care support plan must be a full year, but can be renewed on a prorated basis to be coterminous with a customer's Act! subscription.
  • Exclusions: Orange Care is exclusive of Level 3 support, which is involves more complex work such as repairs, migrations, imports/exports, conversions, report building, and advanced troubleshooting. With the exception of Orange Care Plus, regular Orange Care plans do NOT include consulting services such as training, development, customization, project work, or business consulting.
  • SOW: Service that is beyond the scope of Orange Care or in excess of the daily support allotment will require a VIP Plan in place, from which the additional time would be deducted. In the event of such overages or upcharges, Orange Care subscribers will be advised in advance. In cases of Orange Care Plus, these subscribers would be eligible to use their bank of VIP time.
  • All support plan purchases are final.
  • PLEASE NOTE: VIP and Orange Care support plans are limited to Keystroke customers who have purchased Act! or subscribed to Act! from us, or are current Act! hosting customers. Ineligible online purchases will be cancelled.

Database Service Conditions

We do not normally refund or exchange during these circumstances

  • Simply because you made a 'mistake' when ordering.
  • Simply because you changed your mind after ordering.
  • The hardware or software you purchased does not meet your business needs. The customer is responsible for investigating the usefulness of what he purchases and Keystroke offers no guarantee in this regard.
  • Reimbursement of support plans when you have not used them.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

Email: [email protected]

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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