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Accepted Forms of Payment

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Payment Policies

Payment Policies, Plans, & Options

Over the years Keystroke has evolved our payment policies and options to better support emerging technologies and customer convenience. While the terms and conditions spelled out below represent those at time of publishing, please do not hesitate to contact our office for updates.

Acceptable Payments

  • Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express (payments can be made securely online at
  • Onsite Payments: Cash, Credit Cards, Onsite Debit Cards
  • Mailed Payments: Do NOT mail cash. Personal and corporate cheques mailed to the following address:
    Keystroke Quality Computing Inc.
    c/o Accounts Receivable
    500 Gordon Baker Road
    Toronto, Ontario, M2H 3B4, Canada
  • Direct:
    • Email Transfer ([email protected])
    • Money Transfer (must be arranged in advance with Keystroke). Minimum $2000 payment required.
  • PayPal Payments: 

Payment Policies


  1. Support Plan Payments: Keystroke support packages, such as VIP, Orange Care, or scoping fees, must be paid in advance of use, which excludes them from any payment plans that might otherwise be spelled out below.
  2. All quotes for software subscriptions and/or hosting have been previously discounted for payment in advance (COD or Due on Receipt).
  3. Payments Plans: All payment plans must include a credit card whose expiry date is later than the scheduled end of the same payment plan.
  4. Currency: Keystroke bills in the customer's local currency (USD or CAD), unless otherwise requested by customer and so indicated on invoice. If such local currencies are valued less than the other, Keystroke reserves the right to charge a foreign exchange fee where applicable.
    Customers from outside North America must pay USD.
  5. Service suspension: Keystroke reserves the right to suspend any of our services if the customer's account falls into arrears, and the customer does not respond to reasonable collection efforts. Exceptions remain at the exclusive discretion of Keystroke.
  6. Bills are due when rendered, and terms are indicated on invoice. A late penalty charge of 1.5 percent will be assessed on payments not received by 4pm on the due date. A secure online payment link is provided with your emailed billing statement for your convenience, and can be found at
  7. Returned cheques: When a check is returned to Keystroke due to insufficient funds, the customer will be charged a $35 admin fee. All cheques are processed on the day of receipt. Customers who have more than two checks returned from a bank on their account within a 12-month period will be required without exception to make future payment in cash, certified cheque, by money order, debit card or credit card for a period of one year.
  8. Late Payment: When a payment is not made within one full billing period from the date of the bill, the account will be classified as past due. A late payment charge of 2% per month, translating to 24%  per annum, will be added to all amounts billed. Each customer's statement shows the date the invoice was issued and the date by which payment must be made to avoid the late payment fees.
    Customers with past due payments will be notified in writing on the next billing statement that the account must be paid within the following month. This is the only notification that will be issued. If payment is not made within such time, Keystroke may initiate collection action and/or suspend service.
  9. Reconnection/Setup Fee: In cases of hosting suspension due to non-payment, a setup fee of $100 will be assed as a reconnection procedure: Following service disconnection for non-payment, service will not be reconnected until payment is made and the customer contacts Keystroke's Customer Service at 416-499-3090 or toll-free at 1-800-857-0558. The hours are 9AM - 5PM EST. Monday through Friday except holidays. After receipt of full payment, service will be reconnected no later than the next business day.

Payment Plans

COD, Due on Receipt, NET Terms

2-Monthly Payments (must be eligible for pre-payment discounts). Two equal payments with first payment due immediately, the second & final due 30-days later.
Must provide credit card or post-date cheques in advance, and are exclusive of support plan payments (see "Payment Policies"). Only available for subscription services

Must provide credit card or post-date cheques in advance, and are exclusive of support plan payments (see "Payment Policies").

Eligibility Conditions:

  • Only available on subscription products (no perpetual products or services included)
  • Transaction must be in excess of $500 (exclusive of sales taxes)

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