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Search Engine Marketing for all budgets

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is a very broad term that has come to be understood in terms of marketing services under paid search services and content that you own & update that organically respond to searches.
The paid search services are most commonly known as "Pay Per Click", and Google, Bing, and Yahoo all offer services in this area, with Google being far & away the most popular. 

SEM services for owned content includes your website, blogs, social media,or other digital spaces that you own to promote your company, and the visibility of these can be enhanced through regular text, image, and video content updates.

Benefits Of SEM

Investing in paid advertisements will guarantee that your small business information will appear at the right time in the right place. SEM produces fast results by targeting an audience that is already interested in the product, information or service your business has to offer. It creates a competitive advantage for small businesses faced with large corporate rivals while delivering a substantial return on investment.

The expense of SEM is easily controlled to fit any budget or timeframe, making it a flexible and affordable strategy that any size business can feasibly implement. With approximately 74% of internet users performing local searches and 61% of local searches resulting in purchases, SEM efforts are clearly advantageous for customer acquisition.


Our SEM Rates & Packages

SEM services tailored to fit your industry, budget, and marketing reach

Bronze SEM Package

$300per month
Billed Quarterly
Bronze SEM Package
  • Suitable for ad spends of $500 - $1000/month
  • Four creative content variations per month of text/video/images
  • Four ads per month written with creative content 
  • Two hours of dedicated campaign management per month

Bronze SEM Package

  • Account setup & initializing (we will setup your PPC campaigns using best standards & practices)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Keyword research that are aligned with your business objectives
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monthly Progress reports
  • Subject to one month setup fee
Most Popular

Silver SEM Package

$450per month
Billed Quarterly
Silver SEM Package
  • Suitable for ad spends of $1000 - $5000/month
  • Eight creative content variations per month of text/video/images
  • Eight ads per month written with creative content 
  • Four hours of dedicated campaign management per month
Most Popular

Silver SEM Package

  • Account setup & initializing (we will setup your PPC campaigns using best standards & practices)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Keyword research that are aligned with your business objectives
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Landing page
  • Call tracking
  • Subject to one month setup fee

Gold SEM Package

$750per month
Billed Quarterly
Gold SEM Package
  • Suitable for ad spends of $5,000 - $10,000/month
  • Twelve creative content variations per month of text/video/images
  • Twelve ads per month written with creative content 
  • Six hours of dedicated campaign management per month

Gold SEM Package

  • Account setup & initializing (we will setup your PPC campaigns using best standards & practices)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Keyword research that are aligned with your business objectives
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Conversion tracking
  • Progress reports
  • Landing page
  • Call tracking
  • One month setup fee waived
  • No long-term contract required, but all new accounts are subject to a 1-month setup fee and billed quarterly. At the conclusion of the first 3-months the customer can renew for another 3-months at the same rate, or go month-to-month with a 20% increase in the quarterly rate (ie. $300 would increase to $360). Accounts that are month-to-month and are suspended by the customer or interrupted for non-payment must resume with a 3-month term (no setup fee required in these instances)
  • 25% discount for multiple SEM contracts, and 20% discount when bundled with our SEO services
  • Organic search results are subject to competition, and cannot be guaranteed. Only pay-per-click services can guarantee rankings as ads, and have no organic value once discontinued.

Comparison Chart for SEM Service Packages

Below shows a comparison chart of the three different tiers available with our SEM services. No annual commitment is required.
Search Engine Marketing tasks included
PPC Ad spends per month
Online Platforms: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter
Dedicated & Certified Account Manager
Setup Google Analytics for the site
Keyword Research
Extensive keyword research is done to identify keywords that are aligned with your business goals.
Number of Ad campaign creative variations included per month
Can be text, images, and/or video
Number of Ads with copy writing included per month
Hours Per Month of dedicated Campaign management
Monitor campaigns on a regular basis to make sure they are running optimized and without issues.
Conversion tracking
We need to know what is working on your PPC campaigns and will make sure conversion tracking works
Monthly Progress reports
Each month you will get a detailed report showing progress made and all relevant metrics and KPI's
Landing page
Other agencies may charge up to $400 for a landing page, but we include it with your subscription
Call tracking
Is available at a nominal additional charge of $30/month and is recommended for certain type of businesses
Setup Fee
Monthly Rate (Billed Quarterly)
= Included
= No

Sample Video & Image Ads, and Reports

These are sample ads we've posted on our social media channels to maintain constant professional visbility, as well as some snippits of the monthly reporting we provide you to always be accountable for our efforts.

The Digital Marketing 1-2 Punch

Paid and owned media: a framework for marketers and business leaders. Think of owned and paid media like a 1-2 punch. Digital marketing is no longer a single-strategy game. As such, the importance of a well-balanced marketing mix can’t be overstated.

Paid Media

Are advertising placements on web-properties on which you pay to be in front of an audience. For example there are several search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google where people go to find information on anything they are interested in. Lets take a look at some key stats:
  • 86% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business (WebVisible survey)
  • 72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via search. (WebVisible survey)
  • 29% of consumers search for local businesses at least every week (BrightLocal survey)
Every day thousands and thousands of businesses try to capture the attention of this endless ocean of consumers by intercepting or strategically placing their ads hoping to capture the attention of these prospective customers/clients.

On another note, Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram offer advertising options that can be leveraged to boost your exposure. It all depends on where your target audience is the most active and engaged with your brand.
  • Social media platforms capture 33% of the time users spend online.
  • 4 in 10 internet users say they follow their favorite brands on social media.
  • 37% of online shoppers say they use social media for “purchase inspiration.”
By the way 97% of Google revenues comes from advertising revenues. In 2019 that number is 29.5 Billion dollars. It’s clear to see that there is an immense appetite for business owners to get their message in front of consumers.

Role we play:
Research and strategically plan which keywords are appropriate to target in your industry and locality.
Monitor and assess the KPI’s and metrics to ensure the highest probability of a positive return on our client’s advertising investment.

Creation of the advertising creative appropriate for the chosen social media advertising platform and ongoing optimization of the advertising campaigns.
Our SEM management rates offer a superb value in comparison to the rates that are prevalent in the industry. For exact details on our packages, go here : “LINK”

Owned Media

Owned media is content you’re in full control of. Think of content for your company website, your blog, and your social media accounts - the primary goal of this content is to continue providing value to leads as they move down the funnel. These assets offer a more controlled but not overly promotional message about your company. 

In this day of media and advertising overload, where messages are being bombarded from so many different mediums; it’s even more important to have a regular and consistent presence in front of your target market so you do not get left behind in comparison to your competitors.

A common problem that business owners readily face, in the words of Michael Gerber “A true business opportunity is the on that an entrepreneur invents to grow him or herself. Not to work in, but to work on.”  Most business owners will confess that most of their time is spent working in the business and not on.

Role we play: 
  • Implement constant multi-media content to promote visibility and market awareness, as well as ensuring your social media presence is strong, professional and consistently updated with fresh information.
  • Analyze and assess the most appropriate social media channel based on your target market.
  • Monthly reporting on the key metrics is provided.
  • For information on the various packages offered, go here “ LINK”

Key Takeaways of the Digital Marketing 1-2 Punch

The Battle Plan:

Create engaging, customer-oriented, and problem-solving content through owned media, with paid efforts, then get that content strategically placed where it can be spotted by your target audience, and finally, earn the audience’s trust and support and turn them into your brand advocates.

The two elements of owned and paid media are important to a complete digital media strategy. It’s up to you to evaluate what your plans are for each, and what roles we can play in promoting them, and then decide where to allocate your resources to make the most sense for your brand.

Owned media sites are an extension of your brand and create additional avenues for people to interact with your brand. When it comes to owned media, as long as you can keep up with the maintenance, the more the merrier.

Paid media is a great way to promote content in order to generate more earned media and can also be used to drive traffic directly to your owned media properties.

While each element has its own role, using both together will make your digital media strategy that much more effective, just like a good 1 -2 combo punch.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEM

How Paid Search Works

Every time there is an ad spot on a search engine results page (SERP), an instantaneous auction takes place for the keyword.

A combination of multiple factors, including bid amount and the quality of the ad, decide the winner who will appear in the top spot of the SERP.

These auctions are what keeps the gears of PPC moving.

Auctions begin when someone searches for something on a search engine; if there are advertisers interested in showing ads related to a user’s search query, an auction is triggered based on keywords that are bid on by advertisers. The ads that win the auction then appear on the search engine results page.

To get involved in these auctions, advertisers use accounts on platforms like Google Ads to set up their ads and determine where and when they would like those ads to appear.

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