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  • Watch Act! Connect videos to set up connections to popular apps.
  • Are you an active Act! subscriber using Windows®? Leverage Act! Connect via the Act! Connect Link.
  • Are you a Web developer? Learn more about building integrations with the Web API.

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Connect with hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act! via Act! Connect and the Act! Web API. Get started with a few simple steps, then watch as Act! Connect & Act! Web API automatically moves info between Act! and the apps of your choice, including many productivity add-ons.

What the Act! Web API means to your business

Over the years, the Act! Web API has been stressed as an important subscription value because it is the foundation of such features as Act! Marketing Automation, Insights Reporting, Dynamic Pipelines, and even the recently improved Outlook integration, but in truth, it’s so much more than that. The Act! Web API should simply be understood as a means to connect to your data.

Please review our three following videos to understand what the API is, why you should care, and what is does. When you're done these videos, please review the four way you can Act! better with the Web API. It's technology you're already paying for, so let's learn how to put it to good use.

What is an API?
Why should you care about the API?
What does the Act! Web API do?
1. Use the Web API to integrate with other programs better

1. Use the Web API to integrate with other programs better

As the acronym implies, an API is a “programming interface” for connecting your data to other applications. The Act! Web API fills this bill either directly with API add-ons, but also indirectly through a Zapier Connection to the following programs & services:

Check out our video series at the bottom of the page on connecting your Act! to Facebook and Twitter via the Web API and Zapier.

2. Use the Web API to understand your data better

2. Use the Web API to understand your data better

The Act! Web API allows you to connect to your data to provide insightful reporting on contacts, their Histories, User activity, Opportunities, and even custom table data.
The Act! Web API also renders your pipeline information in user-friendly ways that provides better visibility and management of pipeline data. Opportunity stages can be dragged and dropped, and you can surface the data in ways that are most meaningful to you – including charts, graphs, KPI’s, and others.

3. Use the Web API  to access your data better

3. Use the Web API to access your data better

The Act! Web API delivers instant access to your data from anywhere connected to the Internet for more efficient mobile access through Handheld Contact or Act! Companion. Both mobile solutions connect via the API to write changes to the master database instantly, thus tightening the connection to the rest of your team from anywhere.
Enjoy Handheld Contact Lite for free as a perk of being an Act! subscriber, and always have your contacts at your fingertips.

4. Use the Web API  to engage with your customers better

4. Use the Web API to engage with your customers better

In the CRM world, customer engagement is often driven by how you can connect them to your data. Whether you’re harvesting leads through online forms or gathering feedback through customer surveys, a Web API connection can help your audience “feed the beast”, which is to say allow them to write changes to your database that helps you engage with them better. Consider the following useful engagement tools:

  • Calendar: Show your customers and prospects your calendar availability so they can more easily and quick book appointments with you (eg. Link2Calendar).
  • Event Management: Publish sign-up forms that your customers and prospects can use to register for events, and have them grouped in your database for each event follow-up. New contacts get added to your database and grouped with the other attendees for easy lead management (eg. Link2Events).
  • Online Forms: Using online forms that generate additional leads in your database, or provide useful segmentation for those interested in follow-up communications like newsletters or product updates (eg. Link2Forms).
  • Online Surveys: Using surveys to understand the needs and wants of your customers is always useful intelligence, and the Web API feeds that data instantly into your data for real-time visibility on their feedback (eg. Link2Forms).
  • Marketing: Imagine online event sign-ups, forms, and surveys all instantly populating groups that Act! Marketing Automation can use to trigger their inclusion in targeted campaigns relevant to them.

When viewed from these four perspectives, the Act! Web API can elevate Act! from a simple contact manager to a CRM that empowers & synergizes sales, marketing and operations to be more productive, efficient and profitable. The simple truth is, if you're not leveraging the Act! Web API to grow your business, you're not getting full value from your Act! subscription.

Act! Web API Video Library

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Getting Started with Act! Connect
Using the Act! Connect Link
Troubleshooting Act! Connect Link
Connecting Act! to Facebook with the Web API & Zapier
Connecting to Twitter with the Web API & Zapier

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