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Written by Ken Quigley
August 28 2020

Swiftpage has announced a major change in their technical support policy, and customers should take note as these changes will impact those who do not have a paid support plan in place. Here is the policy statement below:

As part of our commitment to deliver a consistent, streamlined support experience to all of our customers, we are introducing some changes to our Act! support services. These changes will also enable us to optimize our resources and focus on providing software product innovations and enhancements.

Effective October 1, 2020, phone support will be limited to troubleshooting Act! technical issues only, and will no longer cover product guidance or remote product assistance. Customers who require phone based or remote product guidance and/or who need on-demand troubleshooting by remote assistance, will be able to do so if they upgrade to our revised Ultimate support tier.

Customers wanting the following services may optionally access them by purchasing professional services from Act! or an Act! Certified Consultant:

  • Guidance with installing, setting up or upgrading Act! on their own environment
  • Ad hoc one-on-one product training
  • Help with issues when Act! is installed on the customers’ (or other third party’s) infrastructure
  • Help relating to issues involving third party products
  • Advice relating to Act! database issues
  • Any other services not described as included in support in the Act! Scope of Service document (effective October 1 2020). 

Please click here to review the updated Scope of Services for Standard support, effective October 1, 2020.

Self-Serve Customer Resources
Over the last 18-months, we've made significant investments in our online self-serve resources, enabling customers to quickly and easily learn about populare topics and find answers to Act! related questions, including the following: ama corona 4

It should be noted that all subscribers on current Swiftpage support contracts will continue to be able to contact them by phone to troubleshoot problems with Act! performance or features. For Standard support plan customers, any "how to" guidance inquiries in the use of Act! will be directed to the relevant KB article, video tutorial, or online resource. After October 1st, Standard Support Plan subscribers who wish phone support for feature guidance by phone and on-demand remote access, may do so by purchasing Swiftpage's enhanced "Ultimate Support" tier, or Keystroke's Orange Care Annual support plans or VIP Support Plans

Ultimate Tier vs Orange Care
While the two annual support plans, namely Ultimate & Orange Care, each cost $10/month/user, there are a number of important feature differences to understand before deciding which is right for you and your team. The following are some high level distinctions:

  • 2 ORANGECAREVIPOrange Care includes support for all Keystroke add-ons, including Handheld Contact, Tables4act, Act4outlook, the Knowtifier, Opt-in Manager, and over one hundred others. Ultimate Tier does not include support for 3rd party add-ons of any kind, save for custom tables (which are made by Keystroke)
  • Orange Care has time limits, namely 30-minutes per day, per user, so a team of five would be limited to 2.5 hours a day. These time-limits do NOT apply to setups or upgrades*.  Ultimate does not have time limits.
  • Orange Care includes guidance and setup of Outlook integration, as well as support for our Act4outlook and Act4mail. 
  • Orange Care includes troubleshooting of operating system issues (firewall, antivirus, permissions, etc.), as well as troubleshooting stability, performance, or other issues. These are not included in Ultimate, per their Scope of Support guidelines.
  • Keystroke tech support staff have access to some of the best 3rd party add-ons tools on the market to fix customer issues. Whether it's importers, exporters, automators, batch updaters, or even enhanced Outlook integration, we have a wide array of solutions to offer customers, who would otherwise be limited to what's within Act! natively.  
  • Orange Care support time is from 9AM - 6PM EDT, Monday through Friday (on October 1st this will be extended to 8PM EDT). Ultimate Tier support services currently include 8:30AM-8PM EDT, Monday - Friday, in addition to Saturday phone support. Please note, some of these details may change after October 1st.
  • Both include guaranteed response times, password resets, North American support, voicemail callback, priority queuing, and adhoc service and by appointment sessions

* Customers must have computers with supported operating systems, and are fitted with the recommended hardware (see for these details)

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