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Written by Ken Quigley
June 13 2022

Over the years Act! has experimented with different product bundlings, some with full featured Act! Marketing Automation (Growth Suite), Enhanced Support, and even (groan) feature-gated versions of Premium (Act! CRM Classic). The problem with each of these offerings is they lost sight of what is really great about Act!, and that is the Act! Premium product.

Well not anymore. On Wednesday Act! launches a fully modernized and simplified Act! Premium Portfolio that delivers better value and flexibility, and these include the Act! Premium Desktop, Act! Premium Cloud, and Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Sync.

Now if you've been around Act! a while, some of these names may seem familiar, but most of this portfolio is different.

APC Pricing

Act! Premium Desktop
Let's start with what's not different, and that's Act! Premium Desktop. This tried-and-true Premium desktop client has been the flagship product of Act! for decades, and it's what has generated the most loyalty with our 3-million plus devoted followers worldwide. Act! Premium Desktop offers unlimited flexibility, security, and control for our self-hosted customers, and delivers a full-featured CRM, Act! Marketing Automation Basic, API connectivity, annual upgrades, and much more.

The Act! Premium Desktop program can run on the desktop or be published to run in the cloud, and has the widest array of add-on support in the industry. It is also available in the latest 64-bit architecture with Act! v24.

Act! Premium Cloud
The new Act! Premium Cloud is what's truly different. Repackaged from the popular Act! CRM Classic, the new APC features blazing fast 64-bit SaaS performance with no feature-gating whatsoever (Act! CRM Classic will be grandfathered, but existing users will be able to add and renew seats, and will NOT be forced to migrate to APC). Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of a cloud-based solution where Act! handles all the technical details, and delivers quick and easy setup. 

Like Act! Premium Desktop, APC includes a full-featured cloud CRM, AMA Basic, API Connectivity, 6GB's of database storage, automatic annual upgrades, and nightly backups. And APC supports all API-based add-ons.

Act! Premium Cloud with Desktop Sync
To add ultimate flexibility to our Premium Cloud offering, Act! is now including Desktop syncing with the new APC. Desktop syncing is what's traditionally made Act! different from it's competitors in offering a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use desktop client that integrates with a wide array of SDK and API add-ons. The New APC delivers all of that and more alongside a blazing fast cloud CRM that for the first time offers users a really comparable CRM experience.

And because it's based on Act! Premium Cloud, users enjoy peace of mind setup.

Consistent Upgrade Options
As mentioned at the outset, the true genius behind this new portfolio launch is its simplicity. No matter which option you choose, you get consistent CRM features and benefits, along with similar upgrade options across the portfolio, including enhanced support, custom tables, and paid tiers of AMA. 

The reason for this relaunch is to center our portfolio around our flagship product, namely Act! Premium, and deliver the most robust SaaS-based performance at the best value, and I think the new Act! Premium Cloud has done that with a full-featured Cloud hybrid CRM at a competitive price.

To learn more about the different features and prices of these different portfolio options, click HERE to go to our pricing page, or click HERE to start your 2-week trial of the new Act! Premium Cloud.



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