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Category: Actcessories
Written by Ken Quigley
April 01 2022

Ever since the introduction of custom tables, Act! users have wanted similar type list functionality with Contacts, Groups, Companies, and Opportunities. And why not, custom tables allow you to easily calibrate your list views like a reporting tool so you can data mine like a champ, with little or no experience.  

Well we’re happy to announce to Act! users that their wait is over because that’s what we’ve delivered with today’s release of ListMax.

ListMax is easy to setup, and includes the following features:

  • Create multiple custom views that you can save and re-use
  • Toggle back & forth between Act! list view and Listmax in a click
  • Preserve almost all the right-click functionality you have in Act!, but with the added functionality of ListMax
  • Data mine with ease
    Filter Row
  • ListMax also adds custom-table like functionality with all your primary tables in Act!, including the following:
    • Search across all columns with Quickfinder
    • Group all rows by a single column like ID Status, Country, you name it
    • Filter by one or more column headers to create easy advanced lookups that you can instantly turn into groups with one click
    • Columns can also be filtered by text with Filter row
    • Column header filtering includes powerful contextual filters that make it easy to narrow down to what you’re looking for
    • Summary rows makes it a snap to add calculations at the bottom of your columns. Calculations that include sum, average, count, min/max
    • Summaries are also great when working with grouping like with Opps. Easily group all the open Opps by record manager, and see their average or total deal amount, the average days in cycle, and so on per rep
    • Easily narrow date fields in intuitive ways to help you easily find upcoming annual events like birthdays anniversaries, renewals, or contract expiries
    • Export to Excel in a snap
    • Select your columns and then resize them all automatically with Best Fit
  • Opportunities quickly become dramatically more powerful with ListMax
    • Group by record manager
    • Keep the filter by menu in Opps you’re used to
    • Easily modify your list view into a full sales report
    • Export the same view to Excel
    • Restore all the KPI’s you’ve lost in recent versions
      Pipeline view

ListMax is available for the low one-time price of $89.95 per activation, but this month it is being released with a 20% discount, so you only pay $71.96. ListMax works with Act! Pro or Premium versions v18.2 or higher (v24 included), and comes with a two week-trial which you can download HERE. Click HERE to ourchase ListMax now, or to learn more about the product.

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