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Common CRM Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Written by: Clate Mask
We live in the age of the customer, where businesses are built on the relationships they have with their shoppers. Customer relationship management (commonly referred to as “CRM”) is foundational to a small business’s customer experience strategy. It serves as the building blocks for winning over, helping and creating repeat customers. Today, small businesses have access to CRM technology that allows them to connect with their customers in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago.
However, a CRM tool is only as good as its implementation, and for first-time CRM projects, there are potential pitfalls along the way. The following are the mistakes that can sabotage your CRM, and guidance on how to avoid them.
Lack of Ownership
Without having someone explicitly own the project, you are likely to see a diffusion of responsibility effect. This is a phenomenon when people are less inclined to take responsibility for action when others are present. There should always be someone in charge. Ideally, someone who understands the sales and servicing process so they can map those processes to the tool.
2017-03-22 23:00:46

Update to Act4outlook free to current users

Please note that we have completed some customer-requested updates to Act4outlook, that all owners of this product are entitled to at no charge.

The link for this update is as follows:

2017-03-22 13:28:43

Changes to Act! Pricing and Payment Policies

When Swiftpage introduced subscription pricing for Act! back in May of 2015, they implemented two means of payment - monthly and annually. For customers that elected to pay annually, they received two of the twelve months of subscription free of charge. For those choosing to pay monthly, they were billed a set amount each month, which typically amounted to 17% more by year's end.

As the Canadian Master Distributor, we never liked monthly payment plans because it created a sense of a permanent "trial" with customers, so we prohibited these plans in Canada. Well, after two years Swiftpage has come around to our way of thinking and they're abolishing all new monthly subscriptions as of May 1st, 2017, and introducing a single annual payment option. If you're already on a payment plan (monthly or otherwise), your payment terms will continue unchanged. A small single digit price increase will kick into effect after May 1st when your subscription contract renews.

2017-03-20 18:43:37
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