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Automatic Reporting and Proactive Monitoring with
Keystroke Alerts

Stay informed, save time and take control!

Keystroke Alerts is a notification program for Act!. This server-based program monitors activities, histories, opportunities, backups and synchronization for all users in your master ACT! database.

Keystroke Alerts sends customized email notifications or TopLine Dash PDF reports to your inbox or mobile device. Download your free trial today!

Instant conditional alerts

  • Be reminded of your selected critical activities.
  • Improve communications with team alerts.
  • Never miss an opportunity

Keystroke Alerts Features

Automate your Act!

Opportunity Alerts

Notify the record manager of an expiring opportunity

Reliable Backups

Create backups for one or more databases and configure to alerted with each success and/or failure

Dash Report & Delivery

Schedule an automated Dash report to be created and delivery at a recurring time and date.

History Alert

Configure a notification to be sent every time a particular History type is recorded in Act!.

Create Companies

Automatically schedule the creation of Companies from the Company field

Update Contacts from Company

Keep your CRM data up to date by using Alerts to force Contact updates from the companies they're linked to.

Sync Alerts

Alert your Admin of any databases that are scheduled to expire based on no sync activity

Activity Alerts

Configure Alerts to send an email alerting all parties of a pending activity they're involved in.

Simple & Reliable Automation for Act!

The three tiers of Keystroke Alerts

Support Features
Receive backup alerts and auto delete previous backup files
Receive customized email notifications based on activity conditions
Receive customized email notifications based on history conditions
Receive customized email notifications based on opportunity or query conditions
Receive synchronization alerts
Receive automated dashboard reports (pipeline, call reports, exception reports and more)
Alerts features for multiple databases.
= Included
= Not Included
= Partially Included

Why Keystroke Alerts is right for Act! users

Instant conditional alerts

  • Be reminded of your selected critical activities.
  • Improve communications with team alerts.
  • Never miss an opportunity.

Customized notifications

  • Choose the activities and opportunities that are important to you.
  • Determine the content and define the conditions of your notifications.

Automated reports

  • Receive and share important dashboard reports without a click.
  • Schedule once and you’re done.
  • Guarantee on-time delivery of your reports.
  • Spend more time selling, less time reporting!

Automated imports

  • Integrated with TopLine Designer for automated custom-table imports.

Purchase Notes & System Requirements

  • All Pricing listed is in USD
  • Compatible with Act! v18.2 or higher (older versions may be supported, but due to legacy licensing issues with Act!, they're not listed)
  • The three tiers of Keystroke Alerts have different functionality and features, increasing on top of each other starting from the "Backup" edition ($49.95 USD), "Professional" edition ($149.95 USD), and the full-fledge version " Enterprise" ($299.95 USD).

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Delivering fruitful CRM solutions since 1994, Keystroke is the #1 Act! Reseller in the World and Master Act! Distributor for Canada.

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