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Act! history

It started 30 years ago

The company Conductor Software was founded 1986 in Dallas, Texas by Pat Sullivan and Mike Muhney. Its product, ACT!, was released in 1987. The original name for the software was “Activity Control Technology” then “Automated Contact Tracking” before finally just using the acronym.

The name of the company was changed to Contact Software International, and the company moved out of its original office in the “mustang building” in Las Colinas to a building off Freeport Parkway near DFW Airport. Beginning with the 2006 version, the name was revised to ACT! by Sage and later changed to Sage ACT!. In 2013, Swiftpage took ownership and re-branded it as Act! The current release is Act! v19. Development now happens in Scottsdale, Arizona, with regional offices in several countries.

Act! timeline

Years of Act!
Mike Muhney and Pat Sullivan founded Conductor Software in Carrollton, Texas and developed QuotePro in Lotus Symphony.  
Randy Haben and John Maurer were brought onboard mid-year to begin development of a project codenamed YES!.
Prototypes were developed using an early release of Paradox along with dBASE and Clipper.

ACT! for DOS 1.0 (1 April) – previously codenamed “YES!” – a recursive acronym for “Yes, Everybody Sells!”.
ACT! was also originally an acronym – first for “Activity Control Technology” and later “Automated Contact Tracking”, before becoming just “ACT!”


Conductor Software renamed to Contact Software International

ACT! was rewritten from the ground up (for release in 1990). It was among the first wave of PC-based applications to be developed in C++.

ACT! for DOS 2.0 (August) – first version with network support

ACT! for Windows 2.0 – Added network support for the Windows product
ACT! for HP 95LX – the first mobile version for PDAs
ACT!PAK! – first commercial add-on for ACT! developed by Oakhurst Systems
1st ACT! – cut down version for OEMs and single users.

Symantec purchased Contact Software International
First on-line support forums for Consultants and users on CompuServe
ACT! for Apple Macintosh – compatible database with 2.0 for Windows

ACT! for Apple Newton
ACT! Mobile Link – two way sync for remote users

ACT! for Lotus Notes – later sold to original developers, ErgoTech
(November) – ACT! 3.0 for Windows 95 and NT – First Windows 95 product with added back-wards compatibility to run on Windows 3.1

Symantec adds support for ACT! in WinFax Pro
ACT! PalmPilot Link (later ACT!Link for Palm OS)
ACT! for Windows CE (later ACT! Link for PocketPC)

ACT! 4.0 – Added support for Windows 98 and Office 97
ACT! for Psion by Advansys
First Web browser support added from WiredContact

Symantec sold ACT! to SalesLogix (later Interact Commerce Corporation) – headed by Pat Sullivan, original co-founder of ACT!

ACT! 2000 (5.0) – Full Windows XP support added

Interact Commerce Purchased by Sage Group Plc (Best Software in North America at that time)

QuickBooks Link for ACT! – the first accounting link FOR ACT!. Developed by Terry McKiernan of PinPointTools
Handheld Contact adds support for ACT! on BlackBerry – first wireless PDA sync (later adds Windows Mobile 5/6, iPhone, iPad, Android)
ACT! 6.0 (later ACT! 2004) – Office 2003 support added after 6.0.3
ACT! for Palm OS

ACT! for Web 1.0 for ACT! 6.0 – originally by dbDynamics

ACT! by Sage 2005 (7.0) – Complete re-write with .Net 1.x and MS SQL 2000. Product split into Standard (up to 10 users), Premium Ex (SQL Express) and Premium ST (SQL Standard)

ACT! by Sage 2006 (8.0)

ACT! by Sage 2007 (9.0) – Changed to .Net 2.0 and MS SQL 2005

ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) – Vista and Office 2007 support. 10.02 added ability to add custom sub-tables via the SDK.

Launch of Community.act.com site (January) – Much improved communication between senior management and users
New Dashboard. Significantly improved Outlook integration and major improvements in stability, reliability, ease of install and speed. Added Vista x64 support and Safari for Mac users. Also free plug-in to provide links to Social Media such as LinkedIN
Sage repositions ACT! – moves from CRM group to Value group

ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.1) – Added Relationship Tab.
ACT! by Sage 2010 (12.0) – More links to social media sites and accounting products as well as ability to share with other Sage solutions.

Sage ACT! 2011 (13.0) – Changed to .Net 3.5.x SP 1 and MS SQL 2008 R2. Product split into Pro & Premium.

Sage ACT! 2012 (14.0) – Integrated with Google, plus included faster, more expansive search and a virtual notepad called Sage ACT! Scratchpad.

Sage ACT! 2013 (15.0) – Changed to .Net 4.0. HTML5 access for mobile devices. Integration of social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn. Improved smart tasks with better triggers and offline capability.

Sage announces sale of ACT! to Swiftpage (Feb 15)
Sage ACT! 2013 (15.1) – Added basic support for Office 2013 and Office 365
Act! 16.0 – Re-branding. Office 2013 and Office 365 (desktop install) support. Many user-requested enhancements. Improved web admin and mobile web

Who we are?

Specializing in home and business network solutions, providing efficiency and productivity via a local or remote setup. 

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