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Act Quickstart Training

We've put together all the core things that Act! users should do to help them increase their productivity into one 2-hour online quickstart course, resulting in faster new user adoption, and better productivity.

The course is taught one of the best trainers in the business, Cindy Kool of Training Solutions Inc, one of the top Act! trainers in the business. Cindy and her team have been working with Act! since 1990, and has done both public and corporate training for decates.

Act! Training Units (ATU)
Ideal for Quickstart Training Program
Recording of the 2-hour online class Keystroke hosted on May 27th, 2016 that covered the following:
  1. Overview of icons/navigation within the Act! screen
  2. Contacts
    1. Explanation of Contact section
    2. Creating Contacts
    3. Creating Companies from Contacts
    4. Managing the Contact List View
      1. Tag/Edit Mode
      2. Customize Columns
    5. Creating a Contact from a VCF file
  3. Companies
    1. Explanation of Company section
    2. Creating Companies
    3. Creating Contacts from Companies
      1. Field Linkage
      2. Data flows from Companies to Contacts
    4. Managing the Company List View
  4. Activities
    1. Creating and managing Activities
    2. Scheduling for other others
    3. Scheduling for multiple contacts
    4. Managing the calendar and task list
      1. Filtering users/dates/types
    5. Managing Activity Series
  5. Histories
    1. Creating a History from a cleared Activity
    2. Creating a History without an Activity
    3. Attaching files to History
    4. Managing the History List
      1. Filtering users/dates/types
  6. Notes
    1. Creating a Note
    2. Attaching files to a Note
    3. Explanation of the difference between how to use Notes, Histories and Activities
      1. Histories are about your interactions with customers
      2. Notes are about the customers themselves
  7. Groups
    1. Creating and managing groups
    2. Pros/cons between static and dynamic groups
    3. Adding/removing Contacts to/from Groups
  8. Lookups
    1. Explanation of the different ways to do lookups
    2. Advanced Queries
    3. Lookup | Contact Activity
    4. Lookup | Keywords
    5. Lookup | Contact Access
    6. Universal Search – “Lunch Meeting”, “Best Practices”                    
  9. Customizing Menus/Toolbars
    1. Putting frequent lookups on toolbar
    2. Putting Mail merge templates on toolbar
  10. Documents tab
    1. Review how to add Documents
    2. Explain differences between the options (File , Shortcut, Folder, URL)

Please note, one training module MUST be purchased per registered Act! user. For instance, if you have five licenses of Act!, you must purchase 5 modules. All users have a year to take this course during the monthly scheduled live interactive classes, and they can be taken repeatedly as needed for up to a year.


$25.00 USD / $32.25 CAD


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