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Why pay $500 for a CRM program, 
only to use $50 worth of features?

Why indeed? Yet avoiding product training tends to be the most common way customers try to save money. Those perceived savings tend to evaporate when their staff under utilize a product they're unprepared to use. And in a production environment, the costs of this could be hard to calculate. 
We can help. Keystroke is a proud member of the ACT!! Premier Training program (APT), and as such, we are trained to follow the official ACT! curriculum with all our courses, whether it's the End User, Administrator, Web Client program, or even mixture of all three.

ACT! Premier Trainers are uniquely qualified to deliver custom ACT! training services at your location, or in a dedicated training facility, and can develop comprehensive training using your data and real-world examples. ACT! trainers must successfully pass the ACT! Certified Consultants program, and be an active member of the ACC community for several years in order to gain the extensive product and industry knowledge needed for your training. Only then are they eligible to apply to become a member of the ACT! Premier Training program.

Things to know about our training services:
  • We are the preferred ACT! training provider for the City of Toronto, for whom we've trained over 100 employees for a total of 300 hours in one year.
  • Class engagement is vital, and we always strive to involve the students for the most fun and educational effect. At the end of the day we're teaching database software, and we know the tricks to make this process interesting and effective.
Training Services available:
  • Web based training through GoToMeeting
  • In house training where you come to us (up to 5 students)
  • Onsite Training (we bring projector, screen, audio, and handouts) for classes up to 10 students
  • Keystroke can provide projector and screen if required at no additional cost
Training Notes:
  • Classes are available for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Instructor costs are $150 per hour, plus $100 prep time. Travel charges will apply for training destinations outside of GTA.
  • Sage Student Course Guides are approximately $50 per student, and are optional.

Committing to be being organized, accountable, efficient, and productive led you to purchase ACT! in the first place, but owning a CRM application does not make you any of those things if you don't know how to use it effectively.
It should go without saying that buying ACT! does not make you better at creating powerful queries; grouping or linking your contacts effectively; customizing your database to suit your unique business needs; or utilizing Smart Tasks or Activity Series to improve your business.

Unfortunately, most ACT! users try to avoid accepting this seemingly self-evident fact. They spend $400+ on an ACT! license, forsake training & support, and then consequently enjoy less than $50 worth of value from the program. This is a fate we'd like to help you avoid.

We're Keystroke Quality Computing Inc., and we're introducing ACT! authorized full-day classroom training to help you ACT! Better, Faster. As ACT! Premier Trainers we implement a curriculum developed by Sage to help you get the most of out of ACT! for your business. Each full-day course will include the official certified course curriculum (a $50 value), an ACT! Quick Reference Card, coffee, refreshments, lunch, and snacks.

ACT! "End-User" Course ACT! "Admin" Course
Course Objectives:
This ACT! end user course is designed for new users of the application. After completing this course you will be able to:
  • Navigate the ACT! program with confidence
  • Create & Manage Contacts, Groups, and Companies including Notes, History, and other related data
  • Locate desired data using various lookup commands
  • Create Advanced lookups for use with Groups and Companies
  • Manage your schedule to track improve your productivity
  • Develop word processing and email correspondence, including merge mailing
  • Integrate ACT! with 3rd party applications and sync Contact/Calendar data
  • Create and Manage Opportunities, including Notes, History, and other related data

Course Objectives:
This ACT! end user course is designed for experienced users of the application. After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create a database and manage users
  • Create and customize fields to suit your business requirements
  • Create and customize layouts, toolbars, and menus to promote efficient data entry
  • Importing and exporting
  • Database maintenance through de-duping, removing old data, and backing up
  • Create and Manage Smart Tasks
  • Create and customize Dashboards and reports for relevant data analysis
  • Configure the server database for remote access
  • Configure Synchronization for remote users that require a local copy of their Sage ACT! database
  • Restore and synchronize remote databases
  • Configure web clients to access a hosted Sage ACT! database
Cost: $325
Duration: 6.5-hours. 9AM-4:30PM (45-minute break)
Includes: $50 Student Handbook, Snacks, drinks, and lunch
Location: 502 Gordon Baker
Dates: Varies. Please check registration link below

Cost: $349
Duration: 7-hours. 9AM-5PM (45-minute break)
Includes: $50 Student Handbook, Snacks, drinks, and lunch
Location: 502 Gordon Baker
Dates: Varies. Please check registration link below

Prerequisites: Basic Windows and ACT! skills

Prerequisites: Medium to advanced Windows skills. Basic understanding of Windows networking, and Medium ACT! skills.



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